Best of Friends

This site was initially going to show some travel photos and a few friends. However, it soon became clear that we had more friends than travel photos.

Here are some pictures from The Best of Friends & Other Troublemakers collection, as well as a selection of the fourth worst poetry in the known universe.

Opaque Clarity

A collection of bad poetry from good friends.

"Don't kid yourself, your work isn't worth erasing." J&L M
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  Thanks Joe

What Shall I do

          With my feelings?

Crumple them up

          And dispose of them

                    In the waste paper basket?

or ...      

Maybe I should wrap them

          In Saran Wrap

And store them

          In a freezer

                    Until I can cope.

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Iím afraid to love:

Like a little child going to school

                    for the first time,

Like stepping into the lakeís cold water

          for the first time,

Like sitting in the Dentistís chair

          waiting for a filling.

I remember ...

Trying to jump and dive

          in the public swimming pool

And being paralyzed

          by some inexplicable feeling.

Itís not the love,

          its the consequences. 


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Two equine wisps of fog

          Trotted across the road

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Your smile

Was like a summer shower

That let my parched soul renew itself,

With the gentle moisture

Of your love.

If only once more

I could bask

In the rays of your love,

My dormant heart would bud.

I weep for you,

My love;

My soul is filled

With sadness,

Crowned with a glow,

Like a graveyard

Strewn with roses.

You had flown beside me

Like a beautiful butterfly.

Why did you dampen my wings

So that I could no longer move,

And then laugh?


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Almost each time

          I share an umbrella

                    I recall you,

And you saying;

          ďWhoíd ever think Iíd be next to you

          in the rain sharing an umbrella?Ē

While all I had been thinking;

          ďWhat a miserable day.Ē

And yet I reflected

          on your joy.

And it made me happy to know

          you liked walking in the rain,

                    because I was with you.

And now

          I walk in the rain with others,

                    sharing an umbrella.


          itís not the same.

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The moon illuminated the sleeping sentinel of trees

          that had grown drowsy in their nocturnal vigil.

All evening the snow had fallen

          to repose on the already dormant ground.

The naked birch trees shivered

          as the could substance touched their limbs,

          and were unable to support

          so large a layer of white powder

          as were their more stalwart companions,

          their arms clothed in fur of emerald green.

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I was introduced to a new lady,

canny and artful.

Her impressive heritage spoke

of famous and opulent ancestors.

Her unflinching eyes of experience haunted me.

Her seductive form promised me new excitement

and pleasure.

But when I stripped her,

I knew sheíd been abused.

All my gestures were anticipated

with nonchalance

and my performance equally predicted.

She tried to display practiced graciousness,

but in the ensuing months,

her unrestrained tongue lashed me open

like a stinging whip,

and my cheeks were raw from her icy remarks

and gusty winds.

Her concrete body bespeaks no tenderness.

Her phony panache is spewed in my face,

like the vapor of a hastily smoked cigarette.

Nothing softens her hardness.

Now my mind feels like an amorphous mass.

My shell of security has been cracked,

and Iíve tumbled into a frying pan

of festering debris.


A Friend 

As I sit here now, I ask myself

What is a friend?

Such a small word,

Yet it means so much to me.    

A friend is someone you can laugh with,

At things that make no sense at all,

Itís someone you can cry with,

And doesnít make you feel two inches tall.

A friend is always there,

Itís someone you can call,

When life becomes too difficult,

And youíre headed for a fall.

A friend is there to pick you up,

And put you back on your feet

Itís someone youíre so proud of,

You want everyone to meet.

A friend is a gift from Jehovah,

Yes itís very precious indeed,

And I thank Jehovah so very much,

For giving such friends to me.

What is a friend?

As I look back at what Iíve just written,

I can answer without a doubt,

That a friend is you.

And the good times weíve shared together,

Have made the word friend

Very precious to me.

So thank you friend, for being there

And making me feel,

That no matter how far away I am,

Youíll always be there,

When I need a friend.