Even More Friends

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Bob & Connie

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The Wild Bunch

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Thank you Marge

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The loneliness .. is unbearable,

The emptiness ... so complete,

Just sitting on the edge of defeat.

Time passes ... without meaning,

Thoughts drift by ... and past,

Fading dreams float around escaping your grasp.

Itís hard to imagine, and yet itís always there,

And so you wonder ... Does anyone care?

Does it really matter if you live or die?

Would anyone breath relief or perhaps a sigh?


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Here I sit at the top of some hill.

Watching the clouds slowly drift by,

Like the scattered dreams of my life.

I find myself wishing I too could fly

          to a distant place far from my strife.

They seem at peace, as they move over the land

Smiles on their gentle faces, Engaged in playful races.

Oh to be a cloud.

The sun always shines above, basking in its love.

But far in the distance, I can see ... One lonely puff.

It looked so sad, I wondered ... How could this be?

When it should be so glad, to be so free.

 When I thought Iíd seen enough,

          It started to cry ... And so did I.

          The wind caressed my tears,

          Whispering softly in my ears ...

The secret:

          For the cloud has no home, and forever it must roam

          At the call of the wind.

The future lies before us all, Our destiny in our hands.

We choose to stand or fall, To be a cloud or a man.

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Autumnís Seduction

The gentle dance begins

          as trees disrobe in exotic ritual,

Arousing the senses with salutary burlesque,

          leading to a predictable and disappointing conclusion.

Passion once burning with desire

          soon turns cold in bitter winds

As Autumn turns to winter,

          an aged and harsh mistress,

To sober the senses.