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The HMS Discovery

HJ_Tower_London.JPG (11251 bytes)

Tower of London

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Grand Canyon

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In the Himalayas

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Great Wall of China

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N_J_Slot3.jpg (12954 bytes)

Spooky Gulch

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Desolation Canyon

Canoeing.JPG (22686 bytes)

Deep in darkest Whiteshell

Gundys_Rock.JPG (20298 bytes)

Gundy's Rock

J_D_Family.jpg (13917 bytes)

JD and his family

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The Cousins

N_B_at_GC.JPG (30861 bytes)

BJ & N at the Grand Canyon

N_and_Pare.JPG (22406 bytes)

At the ROM

h_s_gc.jpg (32024 bytes)

HJ & Su at the Grand Canyon

Grama_S.JPG (29555 bytes)

Grandma S

Ode to Magog

I remember you unspoiled and pure,a young virgin in springtime;

Subtly and innocently

your intense character skillfully etched

indelible designs on my heart;

Your personality was exuding something palpable

that I wanted to fondle and cherish.

You knew that you were changing.

Your tears would sometimes erupt

in unpredictable tempests,

and your despondent moods would prevail

so that, I too, would alter.

In summer

you let crayfish play hide and seek

in the rivers of your backyard.

And content, you went to sleep

with an iridescent glow.

How I loved the charcoal clouds

smudged across the pink evening sky.

Fall came

and you began changing your wardrobe.

When you finished harvesting your orchards

you would make the birds reel drunkenly

on the fermented apples

you had chosen to leave on the trees.

You woke each morning

with dewdrops clinging to your tresses,

and your cheeks glowed

as if the kisses Id given you the night before

had tined them.

Winter wrapped a shawl

of white mink around you.

That I could grasp you once more

to my bosom

and experience the mild animation

of your tantalizing breath on my face;

I could trace your gentle contour with my mind

and lose myself

in the passion of your embrace.