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The Quiet Rebel

Wave after wave they stand in defiance

          Against the sky.

Unlike the man far below

          Who wonders ... why?

Full of confidence and grace

           The mountains stand in their place.

Speaking such quiet thoughts ...

Or could it be in desperation,

          They seek to escape

                    The grasp of the earth;

To reach some distant,

          Secret prize

                    Of greater worth?

A mountain of woe ...

Or perhaps there is some secret

          that can only be shared

with the wind, or the eagles,

          or those who cared.

And I cared ...

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The Void

Confusion rages within this battered frame.

          Waves crash though a fragmented brain.

The struggle goes on, and on ...

          Long after the vanquished foe is gone ...

The soul screams to an audience of one,

          Of a war thatís never won.

To burst the boundaries of this infinite void ...


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Thoughts That Never Were

I hear your voice

          through the tears

          through the years

                    it echoes ...

Where did we go wrong?

          I wonder...

          and wander...


My love for you

          still remains

          with the pains

                    and emptiness ...

After all this time

          do you love me

          as I do you?


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Fallís Vanity

The fog slips in

Sheltering conspiring trees,

Concealing secrets of long ago,

When life was simple, as were we.

Now thereís just emptiness,

Of  forgotten days.

Tears born by joy

Are later embraced by sorrow.

In the end, itís all the same,

And leaves only the eternal deluge,

With its drab and dreary companions.

The Mountains

As I stood there and watched its face,

I saw him move so slightly from place

The mountains are free!

And rushing to the sea!

I have so little faith,

As I try to move this mountain

          that sits before me.

Am I so lost?

What is the cost,

          to set me free?

The mountains are not those giants above

But those that within our minds

If we but had some faith,

These mountains we can displace.


There is no question we need the rain,

          and Iím glad itís here all the same.

To walk in the rain is my delight,

          or to hold my loved one so tight.

But does it really have to pelter,

          when Iím out cycling so far from shelter?


There are times ...

          All is clear, you feel so near

And times ...

          The fog rolls round, you canít be found.

Sunny days and rainy haze,

Gladness and sadness,

You and I.

For You

How much is the blank check for?

It all depends on the signature.

And You

Iíve taken the dagger

          And plunged it deep into my chest.

From that moment on,

          My soul knows no rest.


I talk to the birds,

          I talk to the bees,

But most of all,

          I talk to the trees.

Some say Iím crazy,

          Do you?