1969 - 1971
Manitoba Institute of Technology
Student. Final project: 'Design Considerations for a Portable Proton Free Precession Magnetometer'. Graduated 1st.
1971 - 1973
University of Winnipeg Member of the Technical Services Support Group and assigned to work with the Department of  Physics. The Physics Department has a wide range of nuclear instrumentation including a pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. The department also constructed a sub-pico second nuclear discriminator from a design developed at the Pinawa nuclear reactor site.
1973 - 1977
SED Systems, Saskatoon

Member of the Payload Engineering Group. This department designs and develops sounding rocket systems for high altitude research. These are typically launched from the rocket range at Churchill Manitoba during the winter.

Rocket.JPG (56170 bytes)
ADD II 128 Black Brant Rocket. This is a typical sounding rocket launched from the Churchill range. It is used to study solar radiation and the aurora borealis.
RocketLaunch2.jpg (41709 bytes)
Nighttime launch of a Nike Apache rocket.
Balloon_Payload.JPG (63942 bytes)
The payload group also develops support systems for high altitude balloons. The balloon carried an experimental payload of 3000 lb. at an altitude of 150,000  ft. It was launched twice from Churchill Manitoba and flew over the Northwest Territories to Lake Athabaska. The purpose was to monitor solar radiation and atmospheric pollution.

SED later formed a R&D group to develop a wide range of devices. 

Calculator.JPG (32828 bytes)
Calculator for physically handicapped children.
Mastitus.JPG (56938 bytes)
Mastitis detector. Mastitis is an infection in the utter of a dairy cow. The standard mastitis test uses a chemical reaction to detect the presence of the disease. This device could anticipate the onset of the condition so that treatment could be provided without taking the cow out of production.
Rid.jpg (85506 bytes)
RID (Rural Interface Device). This device provides private line service over rural party lines. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of AGT (the Alberta Government Telephone system) This is the discrete prototype prior to silicon integration.
  UHF Radiometer. This passive microwave remote sensing device was used to measure the characteristics of sea ice. The ultimate goal was to be able to determine its thickness without coming in contact with it or using any active sensors.



1977 - 1979
Lakehead University
Electrical engineering student. Final project: 'Design Considerations for Limited Distance Modems'.
1979 - 1984
Bell-Northern Research, Ottawa

Member of Scientific Staff assigned to DMS Development.

  Designed a power inverter for fraud prevention on coin operated phones.

LineCard2.jpg (22415 bytes)

LineCard.jpg (104965 bytes)

Designed six line cards for the DMS-100 telecommunications switch.

Eventually became responsible for the design of international line interfaces.

Assigned to the 'exploratory group' to simulate theoretical SLIC (Subscriber Line Integrated Circuits) designs.

Assigned to LCM (Line Card Module) architectural studies.


1984 - 2013
The Institution wishes to remain anonymous

Magister Mediocris. Developed and taught the telecommunications stream courses.

Communications Systems

Digital Communications

Multimedia Communications

Wireless Communications

1990/1 On sabbatical at Bell-Northern Research, studying DMS AccessNode ONU (Optical Networking Unit) Deployment.

1996 - 2000 Electronics Department Coordinator.



Professional Engineers of Ontario


Personal Information

Volunteers his time to design and construct electrical systems for numerous community buildings.
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Is particularly interested in ancient near east archeology and has collected a modest Biblical library. His other interests include history, quantum physics, ...
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Occasionally enjoys model ship building.
Likes to get away from it all by backpacking in remote areas. Collectively, he has spent more than a year traveling throughout deserts in the American southwest. He and his wife have rafted through Desolation Canyon, made the north-south crossing of the Grand Canyon and explored numerous isolated areas. Check out their website, The Desert Socks, to see some photos. He has also spent six months touring the British Isles. His daughter has spent two years traveling throughout the far east, and has trekked the Annupurna Circuit in Nepal.