Life as Don Quixote de la Mancha with apologies to Miguel de Cervantes.

An idealistic young man whose imagination runs wild at injustice, unbridled by the ignorance of youth and constrained only by thoughts of his own immortality imagines himself a champion of the right.

And so dreams the impossible dream; strives in an impossible quest to reach unreachable stars, fight unbeatable foes, right unrightable wrongs, and bear it all with unbearable sorrow.

All of this comes crashing down to earth as our hero finally meets the Great Enchanter, the Knight of the Mirrors, who exposes the pathetic results of self delusion. The once young and noble knight is merely Alhonso Quiana, an old man lost in his own madness, oblivious to the real world about him; spending the last remaining moments cowering in the shadows between life and death.