People Instrumental in the Development of Radio


It should be noted that at the end of the 19th century, radio was being examined by some of the finest minds all over the world. It is therefor difficult to say who did what first.

In some cases, it is difficult to say who actually invented a specific device, since it may have been based on someone else's discovery.

In other cases, people were working independently of one another and had little or no knowledge of each others achievements.

  James Clerk Maxwell Predicted the existence of radio waves in 1864
  Heinrich Rudolf Hertz Generated and detected radio waves in 1887
  Guglielmo Marconi Developed the first practical radio transceiver
  Oliver Heavyside Developed transmission line theory.
  David Edward Hughes Possibly the first person to create and detect radio waves in 1879.
  Nikola Tesla Holds the US patent for the invention of the radio
  Edwin Armstrong Inventor of FM radio.
  Lee De Forest Co-Inventor of AM radio.
  Reginald Fessenden Co-Inventor of AM radio.
  Ernest Rutherford  
  Alexander Stepanovich Popov Demonstrated the first working radio transceiver
  Jagdish Chandra Bose The first person to use a semiconductor to detect radio waves.
  Oliver Joseph Lodge Transmitted radio waves in 1894.